5 Days of Transformation in Brazil

It was September 1, 2021. My plane landed in Florianopolis, Brazil as I was on my way to Healers Academy. I still don’t know why exactly I was there but I just trusted my intuition. I miscalculated my flight schedule so I actually arrived 1 hour late on the first day of class. Thank goodness, I only missed the introductions and nothing important so far. Whew!

Life Activation Practitioner, Florianopolis, Brazil

When I was checking in, they told me that I am about to have 5 exciting, transformational days. To be honest, I really wanted to believe them but deep down inside, I wasn’t quite sure how 5 days of class can really be that amazing.

You see, it’s been 10 years since I got my Life Activation. I was “absent” from the Modern Mystery School because I moved out of state (far from where I met my guide) and I was too busy building my gym business. I found my way back to the school when some unexpected events caused

me to let go of my business and transition to a new career which, at this point, I still didn’t have a clue what that career was going to be yet. 

During this time, I was also in the middle of my first Kabbalah tree. I didn’t take Kabbalah when I first got introduced to it back in 2011 because it scared the heck out of me. I guess I wasn’t ready to face my shadows then. Fast forward to 2021, I felt that I had nothing else to lose. I already lost the business I founded and put my heart and soul into for 10 years. Facing my shadows and figuring out the next stage of my life through Kabbalah was all I had and I did it for myself and for my family.

I was so surprised at just how powerful Kabbalah was in terms of catapulting me to clarity. It helped me powerfully step into who I really am and part of it was saying yes to becoming a Life Activation Practitioner and a Healer.

Healers Academy is everything they said it was. It was amazing if I have to put it into words. But, really, no words can describe how I felt.

I still feel pure joy just thinking about my entire experience and the beautiful setting of Florianopolis, Brazil made it even more memorable. My classmates and I didn’t want it to end (we pretty much had dinner every night and enjoyed great Brazilian Churascarria)!

I get to revisit this feeling every time I activated a new God or Goddess. Being able to do it for my family is great, of course. But, when I started doing it for friends and clients as a paid service, I felt the power of its flow even more. There really is something to that energy exchange that they talk about. Also, the results and transformation that they share with me seem to happen right after they get activated which makes me even more excited about doing more Life Activations. It works whether they believe in it or not!

Looking back to that version of me back on September 1, 2021, I congratulate myself for taking that leap that didn’t make sense at the time. I can powerfully say that it is one of the best career and spiritual decisions I’ve ever made for myself which also happens to help humanity move forward toward the light!

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