Welcome! I believe that life brings the right people to my world for very specific reasons. So, let me tell you my story of how I found bliss in my life and how that created a domino effect that helped me manifest and create a life and business I am obsessed with.

Turn on and Embody Blissful Energy at Will

As I write this, it has been exactly 3 years since I decided to put an end to my fitness career. After having to file for bankruptcy because of that previous business due to partnership issues and dealing with the resulting hit on my ego and feeling like a failure, I knew I had to do something different with my next career move.

It has been a wild, roller-coaster ride since then and the search for my purpose has taken me to a very unexpected path. I’ve become an affiliate marketer and a business and marketing coach right out of the gate and I am very successful in both roles. But, deep down inside, I knew they were stepping stones that will enable me to find out what the heck I’m here on earth for while still making money!

But, as I actually got more clear as to who I am and my mission and purpose, the next steps naturally fell into place…the pieces fit…and I feel excited & inspired to build a business that will make a huge, positive impact in the world.

The A-ha That Changed Everything

The clarity all started with aligning my energy to what I wanted to feel once I’m living my ideal vision. I know what you’re thinking – isn’t this what they are talking about when they made the documentary, “The Secret?”

We’ve all heard it before. You’ve probably even tried visualization, meditation, journaling, etc. Those are all great modalities and I still use them on a regular basis. But, I did find a much quicker way to get to that turned-on, blissful, euphoric energy I wanted to feel when I am truly living my dream life. I am magnetizing profitable opportunities to me like crazy. I am attracting the perfect people and relationships to me at the perfect time. I am experiencing synchronistic “coincidences” that are accelerating me to the results I desire!

The problem was, I was too afraid to be vocal about it because I was afraid to be judged. The topic is taboo, you see, and with my traditional catholic upbringing, I was influenced by a lot of guilt and negative preconceptions around it that I had to work through.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about the topic of sex, sexuality, and sensuality. But, once I had what felt like a spiritual orgasmic experience with my husband (and even able to access it on my own too) after I let go of all of these negative influences I had around it, I felt euphoria!

It was then that I had an a-ha moment. Tapping into my sexual energy is the quickest way for me to embody that turned-on, blissful energy and keep it on consistently. My spiritual and inner work has also given me the confidence and certainty that this is what I am meant to do because they helped me have a deeper understanding of who I am! I wanted to tell the whole world about all of the things that have been helping me manifest like crazy after I had that realization but I also know that not everyone might want to access these energies this way in their life.

But, if you are one of those goddesses, on this blog, you’ll find my updates on my latest a-has, freebies, and teachings on sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality and what it feels like to fully embody your sexy goddess!

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