The #1 Strategy to Double Your Productivity

Working at home has many perks.

No commute…check.

Flexible work schedule…check.

No one telling you what to do…check.

But, this is what I hear from a lot of entrepreneurs who start an online business:

“I’m overwhelmed.”

“I’m behind.”

“I don’t know what to start with first.” …and the list goes on.

Double your productivity as a work-at-home entrepreneur and live your life by design.

The other side of not having a boss is that you have to be your own boss. This can be a problem if you don’t have good time management skills. Combine that with the usual distractions of being at home – dirty dishes, loud kids, social media, etc and you can stay “busy” but not really get anything done.

Tim Ferris said, “Being busy is a form of laziness. Doing less is the path of the productive.”

Think about it.

If you’ve spent your entire day being busy, have you been productive or not?

On the surface, you probably got a lot done. Perhaps you sorted your emails, you went through the apps on your phone deleting the ones you don’t use, you also sat in on a few zoom meetings, then you went to pick up the groceries… and so on and so forth.

Did any of those activities lead you closer to your life’s goals?

Probably not.

None of them moved the needle, so to speak.

So even though you got a lot more done… Were you really productive?

Compare the above to a day that goes like this:

You wake up with a very specific intent to apply yourself entirely to 2-3 things that you have written down the night before.

You execute on them without paying the slightest attention to anything else that’s going on. The phone can wait. Emails can wait. Facebook notifications/messages can wait. Meetings can wait.

By noon, you’ve most likely accomplished those 2-3 things that matter. Now you’re free to do whatever else you want or need to do… and you’re sure you’ve moved closer to your life’s goals.

Now, are you productive in this scenario?


This is what my mentor, Jason Fladlien, calls this the Must-Get-Done-List. The point is to have a daily list that contains 2-3 things that will move the needle towards making your more money or losing weight or whatever goal you set your mind to. This is way different from having a To-Do-List because those are usually never-ending and do not have a specific purpose.

Since I started using this strategy, I was able to finish projects much quicker which also meant I made money faster! As the saying goes, you only get paid for DONE!

I also added another habit since I started using my Must-Get-Done-List. Every morning before I turn on my computer, I check-in with my heart as to what I need to focus on the most for the day because out of those 2-3 things, there is one that is the most important. I’ve learned a long time ago from the Heart Math Institute that our mind thinks but our heart knows. We already have the wisdom within us that will tell us with 100% clarity which path to take towards our mission and purpose. Now, you can access it using Heart Math’s Quick Coherence Technique.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Ask yourself, “What should I focus on today?” Then, write down your answer on a piece of paper.
  2. Focus your attention on the area of the heart. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Suggestion: Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds.
  3. Make a sincere attempt to experience a regenerative feeling such as appreciation or care for someone or something in your life. Suggestion: Try to re-experience the feeling you have for someone you love, a pet, a special place, an accomplishment, etc., or focus on a feeling of calm or ease.
  4. Once you embody the feeling from step 3, ask yourself the same question at the beginning then the answer will come to you. You will notice that your answer before the exercise is most likely much “wiser” and more in line with your goals. That is the clarity that comes from this exercise and it is extremely powerful when you do it every single day.

This is the secret ingredient to this. In order to be able to focus, you need to know you’re moving in the right direction. You also need to know that things you’re doing will help you align your life with your goals. Plus, you also need a plan.

I’ve learned a few more ninja tricks from Jason Fladlien in his e-book, “Double Your Productivity.” If you’d like to read the whole thing, check it out by clicking here.

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  1. Nisha says:

    That was a really nice read. I think the must-get-done list is a great idea and it will make you push harder .Thanks for sharing!


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